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Product: Tripod Turnstile Gate


Tripod Tumstiles Gate
Tripod Tumstiles Gate:

  • • Self-test and alarm system function, user-friendly maintenance and use, through the master board built-in button, the device can be set up, with all kinds of IC, ID cards, paper tickets, magnetic cards
  • • Can be extended to small trading system to achieve charging function
  • • With a count function, at any time to control the number
  • • Can be set to normally open, normally closed mode of operation to meet the regulatory requirements
  • • Using infrared sensors, with illegal entry alarm, followed by the police, the normal people by preventing the clip
  • • Having a uniform standard external electrical interface with other control devices mounted, easy integration, and through remote control and management of computer
  • • With other smart card equipment composition Card


Tripod Gate